Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Countdown to Christmas Calendar

My daughter kept asking how long until she could open her presents. We do our own stocking stuffers, not Santa and we have a lot of fun thinking of things that the others would really like to get to open. So she keeps wondering when, "When can I open my presents, Mom?"
So we(I) decided to make our own countdown to Christmas calendar and use things we already had around the house. I had seen the ones where people used cookie sheets and magnets, but we didn't have any extra cookie sheets around.
I did have this thing I bought at an antique store one time that I used as a tray in our guest room. Our guests wouldn't miss it. It was an old tray that was painted, roughed up and made as a magnetic board that came with wine corks cut in half and glued to magnets. I lost those magnets a long time ago. Really cute just never used it as that.
Anyway, I thought it would make a great calendar for us. I cut all of the letters and numbers out on the Cricut and glued them together and put them on magnets I found here and there. I punched the scalloped circles out of vellum so you could see thru them. The brown and green circles are out of Stampin Up paper. The big Snowflakes were cut on the Cricut and the smaller ones I used a punch. The black ribbon that is on the top was there when I bought it, so we went with it.
It took two days, it's mostly done and I am fairly happy with it. I haven't heard when, when do we open presents mom, because she changes the number everyday :)

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