Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colin Bag

Why does Blogger flip my photos? I have no idea, please turn your head :) thnx!
So a couple of weeks ago we went to a 4th birthday party for my friend's son. I asked her what he might like for a present this year. She is very crafty and makes the kids handmade things all of the time so they love handmade and don't need store bought gifts, which is fun.
Last year we made his brother an art bag, I made it out of black vinyl, added some "real" pencils and drawing paper etc. Danielle thought Colin would love his own bag because he is always trying to get into his older brother's stuff.
This is what I whipped(haha) up a couple of hours before his party.
A kid sized messenger bag with a letter "C" on it!
I had this cool modern upholstery fabric on hand and thought it might be stable enough, since I don't have any interfacing on hand.

I even decided to add an inside pocket to hold the stencils that I found. We also included a sketch book, pencil box with twistable colored pencils, eraser and his own box of fruit leather because he loves that stuff.
It looked a lot better in person, really it did.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sugar Cookies

We made about seven dozen cookies to donate to the school carnival for the cake walk.
They have it set up in two different rooms at our school and it's s very popular game. I made these sugar cookies because they are so addicting. I had Steve print up some labels for me and we labeled each plate that we made so that people would know what they were getting. I also labeled that these were peanut free in case someone had a nut allergy.
Earlier in the day I helped to "sort" the donations and learned for next year that they divide up what they can so it goes further. So next year I will put 1/2 dozen cookies on a plate :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day Card

Here is the card I made for my mother for Mother's Day.
I found this paper and really thought it was nice and didn't need too much stamping. My mother's kitchen has the soffits painted a spice color and this reminded me of that.
I have this sentiment stamp from a new to me stamp set by Stampin Up that I keep using on lots of things and it says "to thine own self be kind". I think that is something that we ladies often forget when we are taking care of everyone else's needs around us.

I fussy-cut out another flower, stem and leaf from the rest of the paper and popped it up on top of the other ones. I also had to glitter-ize the edges to make them super sparkly.

close up shot.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sandi Henderson

Alyson and I went and met Sandi Henderson last night! Everyone is in town and it is so fun to get out and meet them.
She was so nice and normal too! We actually got to talk with her and her husband for while and at the end of the night they had a giveaway. We didn't win, but it was fun to be there anyway.
You can find out more about Sandi and the things she designs on her blog at Porta Bello Pixie . Sandi was wearing the sweater that she made and is also on the cover of her book. So cute.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amy Butler in person!

Tonight we ran over to Crafty Planet (which is a local fabric/yarn shop) to meet THE Amy Butler!!
There will be a lot of people from the fabric industry in town this week and through the weekend because this years annual Quilt Market is here in Minneapolis.
When we heard that she would be here in town, we figured we better go and get a photo with her :) I brought her one of my Scrabble Tile Necklaces that I have been making that used a piece of her paper on it(and some glitter). She seemed almost humbled and grateful that I gave it to her. I also had to wear my crazy pants that I made with Alyson out of Amy's fabric. My lucky kiddo got to come with and meet her too because the hubs was working late tonight.

She was just so sweet and "normal" and I will be happy to continue to support her in the future. In fact we bought a new pattern and a couple yards of her fabric when we were there tonight!

Tomorrow night Sandi Henderson will be at Quilted Treasures in Rogers and on Saturday night Anna Marie Horner will be at Treadle Yard Goods in St Paul.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Art -A-Whirl

I am participating in Art-A-Whirl this Saturday May 15th! See Art A Whirl Website.

I have not been involved in this art crawl for the past 10 years, but I was there when it all started in 1995. I am very excited to be doing it again this year after a friend of mine over at Second Street Designs asked me if I wanted to have a table at her son's school.

We will be there on Saturday from 10 am until 7 pm and we are right by a trolley stop, near Johnson Street and the Quarry. A lot of the items are geared towards children and will have children's activities along with live music all day long. It looks like a large, fun and varied group of items available at the school.

Yinghua Academy
1616 Buchanan Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Yinghua Art Fair

I have been making items geared towards children and end of the year teacher gifts, because we all need a few of those! I will try to post some of them, but right now I am trying to finish them all up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Silent Auction Items

These are the other sets of cards and necklaces that I donated to the school's silent auction.

The carnival was last Friday night, we went and had A LOT of fun! Our PTO asked parents to donate newer/slightly used toys and books to use as prizes, which is great because you get to clean out the items you don't use anymore and then get "new" ones to play with.

The book walk was the best! I didn't even know about it before last weekend, but just like the cake walk(but not as busy) the kids stopped on a number when the music stopped. Then a winning number was drawn and the kids could pick a book from the huge assortment of books. The best part was that they kept drawing until everyone won a book! We came home with 4 different Magic Tree House books to read. How fun

Monday, May 3, 2010

Home is Where your Mom is.

Our elementary school is having their annual carnival and silent auction this week. Back when I was selling my Scrabble Tile Necklaces for the Haiti Relief Fundraiser one of the mom's in charge of the silent auction bought one and thought that they might be a nice addition for the auction.
She wanted three different necklaces for three separate auctions and then I told her that I also made cards and I could whip up a few matching sets.
The first one I geared towards Mothers Day.

I recently saw this stamp and for some reason I connected with it and decided I would make my cards with this one this year. I also made the floral background with some two step stamps by Stampin Up.

I matched up the (Martha Stewart)blue gingham in the necklace to the gingham on the left side of the card. It's really hard to tell in this picture but they do match! and the little glittery circles on the right side are actually a matching purple to the ink color in the flowers.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Artist in the Making?

A little while back I decided that I was tired of the paint color in my kitchen. The easiest project was to re-paint just the one and half walls that had a natural break to them.
Of course the kiddo wanted to "help" so I let her get in on the fun. I did the trim parts first and she worked on the middle.
Here she is painting a shark and some seaweed.

She really got into her work and her only real rule was to not leave a big streaky blob thing that I couldn't smooth over.

Proud of her work!

We finished the first wall and then moved on the half wall. She thought it needed this groovy guy hanging around. I was actually tempted to leave him up there, but my trim job wasn't so great and needed to be filled in.