Sunday, April 19, 2009


I could not find our Easter decorations this year. Not a big surprise at our house, but I know that I had a bag of them somewhere... We decided since we already had some art up that my daughter made at Pre-school that we would just add to it. We wanted to make some fun Peep art. I found on the peep website how to make colored "grass" by taking coconut, putting it into a plastic baggie with a couple of drops of food coloring and shake it up until mixed. My daughter went a little crazy with the colors, but I let her pick them.

We made three littler "nests" for the chicks and one big "nest" for the whole "family"(everything around here is a family with my five year old). For the little nests we used some big tea light candle holders. For the bigger nest we used an antique plate, pink grass and the family members each lay their own colored eggs and in a row, I guess.
Well it was fun and looked festive! It was almost too cute to eat...

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