Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bag Crazy

Right now I have a bag obsession for some reason! Last year at the MN State Fair we picked up a few of those lightweight re-usable bags with some crazy college logo, the same kind you can buy at the grocery store for around a buck. I keep buying more because I have so many plastic bags and I keep thinking I will bring them and use them. Most of the time I forget to bring them and just get more plastic bags that I save and intend to recycle at some point. Right now they are spilling out of my cupboard door because I have way too many.

I don't always bring those re-usable bags I intend to use because, frankly I don't always want to bring some cheesy bag to some "cool" place. haha. I want to bring a fun bag with me.

I found this AWESOME pattern over at Film in the Fridge, she has some great tutorials! You can find this one here: to-market-to-market-a-market-bag-tutorial . Please don't make these and sell them for profit, these are for your own personal use.

I have an industrial sewing machine that doesn't always work so great on lightweight fabric so don't look too close at the sewing skills. The fabric is a remnant of Michael Miller fabric on the outside and Amy Butler on the inside. The brown on the strap is something I just picked up the other day for another project I want to try(the Pillowcase dress).

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I WILL be bringing this cool bag with me whenever I can :)

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