Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bird in Tree Towel

So my friend Matt Doubek is this awesome artist that I knew from high school. I recently got back in touch with him & his lovely wife, when Shawnna was in town this summer. I talked to her about Matt's awesome paintings & I decided to use one as an embroidery pattern.
I actually took things that stood out to me in 2 different paintings and combined them. I found out that some things are easier to transfer to thread than others.
I used 2 different colored threads on the outer orange part of the tree to match the shading idea in the painting and also in the brown threads for the trunk.
I just LOVE these trees, I think these would look great embroidered on a long skinny piece of fabric, framed and hung up on my wall.
They actually took a really long time to embroider because they are open tree trunks and not just one skinny line as I typically do.
This is the painting where I got the Birdie from, I just love that little spinner hat.
This is the print that I got the trees from. I thought about doing the umbrella, but the dingle balls just said "French Knots" to me & mine never turn out too well, so I decided against it and added the sweet bird instead.
I sent this one to him because I just enjoy having different patterns and ideas to try to embroider and hoped he could enjoy my interpretation of it.
You can find Matthew's work

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