Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awesome Paper Store


I just (re)found my favorite paper store for invites! I may be making aprox 150 wedding invitations this spring. I was looking online for inspiration but then I decided to head to the place I bought the paper for my wedding 8 years ago. Loved it then, why wouldn't I love now? LOL! Well I checked their website to make sure they were even in business anymore with all of the chain shops around, of course they were :) Here is a link: http://www.paperdepotinc.com/Paperdepot/website/home.htm.

Their website isn't the greatest but the store is & the Helpers are super de duper. I had all kinds of questions on Die-cutting so I didn't have to hand cut & score all of the cards myself. The lady/girl/woman answered everyone of them & didn't act annoyed at all! They have added to their die-cut collection and have some new & really cool ones. They also have a ton of DIY invitations that other people have made for you to browse thru...

If you live in the Minneapolis metro area this is the store for you & your paper needs!

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