Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had great weather and brought our camper up to my parents house and parked it in their driveway. This way we could still "camp" but stay close to the bathroom and kitchen! haha. Really my daughter wanted to camp and we didn't want to be gone for the whole weekend, so this was our compromise.

They have such a beautiful lake place it's like a vacation when you just go to visit. We fished, used the Slip-n-slide, watched birds, roasted hot dogs on the fire and Grandma even made us pancakes and sausage to eat in the camper.

I have to admit I did bring my new hobby along and tried to embroider by the fire. I was trying to thread the needle in this photo and I was able to finish ones of the free patterns I was trying out. I will post the photos next.

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