Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Craft Project

This is the craft project that we made at the Kindergarten Halloween party. I only had approximately 8-10 minutes per group of 4-6 kids. I wasn't sure the skill level of the kids for making crafts & was advised to keep it super easy.

I remembered that someone gave me a cute little pumpkin like this a few years ago. So I made up a couple of projects and had my daughter try them all out to see which one would be the best project to do in class. This one was definitely the winner!

We used 5(seven might have worked better) Orange Slice candies, stood them on end in a circle on a piece of plastic wrap. Then pulled all four corners to the center and twisted them together, trying to keep it centered. We took a piece of floral tape and twisted it around for the stem. We had gold Pipe Cleaners on hand so I used those and cut them in half. Each child could then twist the Pipe Cleaner on the stem however they wanted too to look a vine. And if we remembered we trimmed off the extra plastic wrap on the top.

Voila, Candy Pumpkin

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