Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine's Heart Craft

Here is an easy & fun craft to do with kids. I found the directions on Martha Stewart's website.
Start with a sheet of waxed paper folded in half the long way and put crayon shavings in the middle of it. We found out after the next step that this was not enough shavings. It works better with thicker shavings and in multiple shades. But be careful not to make too many shavings or they will ooze out the sides.
Then I cut a paper bag in half and put one half under the wax paper and the other on top of it and then ironed on top to melt the crayons underneath of it. They melt pretty quickly so check it often.
This is how one of ours turned out. Then the kids traced hearts on the wax paper and cut them out.

We are going to take down the snowflakes that we made and hang up the new hearts in the window instead. My nephew wants to cover his whole bedroom door with them!

Close up pic.


robin said...

thanks for this post, i just hung a jim dine 'heart' poster and it was looking lonely, making some of these to give 'his' hearts some company....the texture looks so similar to his!!

On Second Street said...

thanks for the good idea!