Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graffiti Cuff

Sophia's kindergarten class each had a 5th grade buddy that would come to their classroom once a month to help them do an art project, play games etc... Last week was the last time they were coming and we wanted to make a gift for Jesse, our fifth grade buddy. Now, I don't know too much much about 5th grades boys anymore, but we have been testing out some wrist cuffs and thought we could make a boyish one for Jesse.

So we cut up an old pair of my hubby's jeans and stitched it up, on one side we wrote all over it with a pen and on the other side I stitched a "manly" pattern so it can be reversible.

The teacher said it was very sweet when she gave it to him and he put it on right away and wore it the whole time!