Thursday, May 27, 2010

Colin Bag

Why does Blogger flip my photos? I have no idea, please turn your head :) thnx!
So a couple of weeks ago we went to a 4th birthday party for my friend's son. I asked her what he might like for a present this year. She is very crafty and makes the kids handmade things all of the time so they love handmade and don't need store bought gifts, which is fun.
Last year we made his brother an art bag, I made it out of black vinyl, added some "real" pencils and drawing paper etc. Danielle thought Colin would love his own bag because he is always trying to get into his older brother's stuff.
This is what I whipped(haha) up a couple of hours before his party.
A kid sized messenger bag with a letter "C" on it!
I had this cool modern upholstery fabric on hand and thought it might be stable enough, since I don't have any interfacing on hand.

I even decided to add an inside pocket to hold the stencils that I found. We also included a sketch book, pencil box with twistable colored pencils, eraser and his own box of fruit leather because he loves that stuff.
It looked a lot better in person, really it did.