Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School Fundraiser

My cousin, who is my good buddy, asked me to help her with her project for her daughter's school fundraiser again this year. Each grade puts together a basket for the silent auction, her theme for this year is a "Stay in Touch basket".
Each child will bring something like stamps, a fancy pen, gift card for gas, dinner or groceries, basically things that will keep you in touch with other people.
She also thought they needed lots of cards and wanted the second grade class to help. I did a "One Sheet Wonder" thingy last year at her house, which turned out fine, but not my best work. This year I did it at home, using all of my supplies when I needed them.
I decided to make it as easy as possible for them as I could, so I found stamps that the kids could color and them matched them up with co-ordinating paper. I made a totally different layout for most of them. My cousin wasn't sure that she would know how to lay them out, so I made a little diagram that they could use when taping them together.
Here are most of the card "fronts" that I made up for them:

We wanted to have a variety of cards for all occasions.

I bagged them all up separately with their little diagram I added later.

My cousin said it went really well! All of the kids really enjoyed it and a lot of them had never made a card before. I am glad I could help to introduce these young minds to the world of card-making!! I just hope that it will help to raise some money for the school.


Alyson said...

Holy cow girl!!!! Those are awesome! That is wayyyyy more fancy than I imagined. You've been busy; bet it was a fun time working on those. They look great!

Michelle said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Great job Janet!