Thursday, August 27, 2009

Star Wars Guys & a Chair done

Yesterday was one of those rare days. The limited amount of days that you get when your child plays nicely next to you and you can finish a project that should have been done a while ago.

My daughter watched Star Wars with my husband the other day and now she is hooked! Steve went and found his old Star Wars Guys(and Trains and GI Joe Guys) and they started playing with them. I had been meaning to finish this chair but somehow the summer flew by. Finally I just had to do it. So downstairs we went to play with "Dad's Star Wars Guys".

She played for hours with them and built towers like in the movie, and even built Darth Vader a house out of Mega Blocks. How nice... So I was able to get my chair done. Finally.

Sometimes you think you can just get something done really quickly, but it turns out differently... The back on this chair threw me a curve ball. I am used to working with conventional fabric and this one is Oilcloth, which just doesn't have the same amount of "give" as I'm used to. But after processing it for a few extra weeks I finally figured it out :)

You can see the before photo here.

Thanks Naphtali for the challenge! You can find her at Second Street Designs

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Secondstreetdesigns said...

you did an amazing job! Now I am trying to decide if I should paint the chair, or leave it. Thanks for all your hard work!