Monday, October 27, 2008

Craft Sale Update

Well it was kind of a slow sale... I think everyone was doing yard work, because it was the last warm day of the fall here in MN! I did sell some stuff but I wouldn't gauge most sales against this one. It was in an old airplane hanger in St Paul and was actually in the Commemorative Air Force Museum which was cool. I convinced my sweet sister-in-law to come & hang out with me for the day & she was Awesome!! I had a lot of fun getting ready for it and now I have a tons stuff done for the holidays and have had some custom orders. Here are some photos of what I had for sale. My mom also put some of her photo cards in the sale with me :) Items that I had:
Paperclip Bookmarks $1
Post-it Note Holders $3
M&M Containers $4
Gift Card Holders $2
Pumpkin Poop $1.50
Snowman Poop $1.50
Snowman Soup $3
Kids Card Kits 4 cards $5
Teacher card Kit 2 cards$3
6 Christmas Cards $12
Thank Yous in a box $10
I hope this helps you with your sale. Please let me know if you have questions. TFL!!

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Kerry said...

hey there! I found your site from SCS. your stuff is great! I am a fellow "craft fair chic" :) I am doing a few more in November and will have info on my site - we can trade secrets! :)

Hope you continue to do well this season!