Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Samartian's Purse

My daughter & I have volunteered at our church collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child for the past 3 years. Operation Christmas Child is part of Samaritan's Purse, started by Franklin Graham, I believe back the 70's. It is so EASY! And so hard to imagine that children around the world may have never received a gift before, this could be the only gift in they see in their childhood. I have been filling shoe boxes for a long time and thought it would be good to get my daughter involved so she could realize that not all kids get gifts like we do in America.
Here is a link to their website and more info:

I just love the feeling that you get when you help someone else! It usually does more for you than for the other person :)

This is a photo Sophia manning the table.


daiseyfreak said...

JANET, you win the MFTreat for being post #88!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS, email Kim with your information so she can get that out to you, thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!!!!!

randomthings said...


Thank you so much for your faithful participation in Operation Christmas Child. This ministry is certainly made possible by all the faithful volunteers like you.

Darren Mullenix
Samaritan's Purse