Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Second Craft Sale Photos

Here are some photos from the second craft sale that I was in. My mother joined me this time with her awesome photo cards! Thanks for hangin' with me mom :)

I sold the most Paperclip Bookmarks, M & M jars as Thank Yous, Holiday Gift Tags and Gift Card Holders. I found some tips from Kerry somewhere in her blog over at: http://crafts.peteandkerry.com/labels/Altered%20Stuff.html about things that worked at her craft sales. It definitely helped having things at different heights. We bought this card rack and the verdict is still out about it. LOL! It was supposed to fit my mother's cards and it was the wrong size, but we found out after we paid rush shipping to get it here in time for the sale!

This sale was SO much better than the last one! I'm glad I did one more this year. Let me know if you have any questions and TFL!

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Kerry said...

i LOVE all your stuff and the photos! congrats on a successful fair!! :)